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Dyer Vent Cleaning,

Dryer Vent cleaning for your Florida home  will increase performance and reduce the risk of fire.

Over time lint builds up and can clog the ductwork or the discharge vent at the end which is on the roof or on the side of your home. Most dryer ductwork can reach 25 feet in length making it difficult to clean or determine if there is a problem. We put a camera into the dryer vent to get an accurate picture of the condition before and after the our dryer vent cleaning procedures.

We will also clean the dryer lint trap system removing dirt and buildup. Lint buildup can cost more money in drying time leaving you to believe something is wrong with the dryer. If your dryer is taking to long  to dry your clothes and you are finding that your clothes are still wet after drying time, this could be the problem.

Avoid home remedies such as a leaf blower into the vent system. This method only sends a bulk of lint to the vent clogging it making any problem you had worse.
The rooftop vents are designed to keep critters out so imagine a clump of lint trying to escape. Just another service we provide to make your home safer.

For more information about our Dryer Vent Cleaning Services, please contact us today.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

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Inspection in West Central Florida, Including a Wind Mitigation Report
Can Save You Money.
Wind Mitigation Inspections - Many homeowners don't realize that they can save a substantial amount of money on their insurance by getting a wind mitigation inspection. What qualifies for an Windstorm Mitigation Insurance Discount? Ask your insurance company for a detailed list of qualifying discounts including wind mitigation credits for doors and gable finish bracing.
Why every homeowner in Florida should invest in a Wind Mitigation Inspection Report West Central Florida homes are subjected to wind. Many people worry about hurricane force winds, but a strong Florida thunderstorm can produce winds that can have an adverse effect on your home's structure. Because of this it is important that you are insured properly. But homeowner's insurance is costly. Let us help you save some money. Investing in a wind mitigation inspection and report for your insurance company can help you save thousands of dollars on your insurance premium. You may be entitled to discounts that you are not aware of, and can only be taken advantage of when you provide a wind mitigation report to your insurance company. 

Cost of Wind Mitigation Inspection Reports

Affordable Wind Mitigation Reports  -  "Do not let cost be a factor in deciding whether or not to have a wind mitigation inspection. In time, having this report could not only pay for itself, but save you money, year after year.  Wayne Collier Home Inspections offers you a sense of security and knowledge gained from a variety of inspection services. Wind mitigation reports are well worth the cost when you hire a certified, experienced home inspector. Please contact us for a quote today.

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